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13 Mar 2012

Loaded with youth-friendly features, the Samsung Exhibit II 4G directly hit the mobile phone market for youngsters and quickly became one of the most used apps. This Samsung model is supported by Android OS which is fully compatible with a lot of applications including spy software. StealthGenie is the leading mobile spy app, which supports multiple Samsung smartphones.

StealthGenie a must for Samsung Exhibit II 4G

StealthGenie is the most suitable software for Samsung Exhibit II 4G. This mobile surveillance application can be operated from anywhere in the world. As we know that Samsung Exhibit II 4G is more youth friendly and being used mostly by the youngsters, so anxious parents can monitor their naughty children easily with this advanced cell-phone monitoring software.

StealthGenie - Loaded with advanced features

There are a number of latest features in StealthGenie, which enables the users to spy on their targets efficiently. It gives the users the following options.

Geo Tracking: The parents should not worry about their children when they go outside the house. You can find out the precise location of your children through Geo Location Tracking system. You can also know their tracking history on the map.

Geo Fencing: You can draw a boundary for your youngsters highlighting the areas you think are bad for them. StealthGenie sends the user instant alerts if their target enters or comes out of the prohibited place.

Call Recording: Now your young ones cannot hide their conversations with others as you can record all of their calls secretly. This feature even allows you to know the duration of all calls with time and date stamps.

SMS Log: What type of messages your juvenile sends to their friends can be accessed. All the sent or received SMS messages can be viewed. You can also redirect an SMS and send it to any contact number saved on the monitored device.

Emails: Your youngsters can use email as a source of communication with others or can save vulgar emails in their account. You can view all the sent and received emails of your children.

Photos, Videos and Music: Data including photos, videos and audio files saved on your children’s mobiles shows the company they have. You can view all music, photos and videos saved on their mobiles.

Internet History: These days youngsters usually browse immoral websites and waste their time on Facebook and other social networking websites. You can keep a check on their Internet activities. This mobile spy software helps you see all the web-browsing history. You can also use bookmarks from their mobile.

Record Surroundings: This is another unique feature which just StealthGenie gives you. What is happening around your children can be listened to within a 15ft circumference of the monitored device.

SIM changing notifications: The children’s expensive devices can be lost. StealthGenie informs you if the SIM card on your monitored device has been changed so you can know if someone else is using their phone.

These features make StealthGenie the most reliable among spy app users. This spy software is very easy to use and takes just a few minutes to install. You can monitor your children at a very low price. You can choose a suitable package i.e. Basic, Gold and Platinum according to you needs. Just install this exclusive mobile monitoring app on your children’s Samsung Exhibit II 4G and get rid of all the worries about them.


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