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06 Jun 2012

Android phones have swept the market and are all over the cell phone industry. Kids, adults and pretty much everyone is shifting towards this trend. Android phones are no doubt pretty smart but did you know they are not that safe without an Android spy installed on them?

Safe does not mean that it will harm the user in a ad direct manner 9if medically speaking but yes, it might not be safe for the kids to use it unattended. Similarly employees can also use the phone to their advantage and might dodge you. So it is advised to install the Android spy software on the phone before you hand it to your kids or employees.

Why for Kids?

Did you know that your kids could be:

  • Using the Android phone for secretly viewing porn sites in your absence
  • Sharing inappropriate content with friends
  • Chatting to some adults who could cause physical/mental harm
  • Traced in case of emergencies through the Android spy
  • Doing inappropriate activities under friend’s influence
  • Falling prey to scam SMS and e-mails

Why for Employees?

Android spy is extremely necessary for the employees’ phones because your employees could be:

  • In contact with your rivals
  • Leaking business info and projects to the competitors
  • Skipping the assigned site visits
  • Talking to important clients in a wrong manner
  • Pretend to be at office by tampering time logs

How Android Spy Helps?

An Android spy app can be of great help as it remotely lets you:

  • Keep SMS, e-mail and call logs
  • Record calls and phone surroundings
  • Redirect SMS and trigger alerts
  • Check web history
  • Trace target via GPS and view location history
  • Set alerts for SIM card changes
  • View phone contents
  • Keep phone data backup and delete it
  • Lock target phone anytime

You can find all these features only in StealthGenie Android spy as there are some of the exclusive features that are not offered by other spy apps like trigger alerts, locking phone and SMS redirect. StealthGenie has a solid command on Android phone and is leading the Android spy industry by a fair margin. You can also buy StealthGenie Android spy online and see what magic it does for your family and business. StealthGenie Android spy is a great way to stay connected with your family and business even if you’re not around. So install StealthGenie Android spy today for a comfortable tomorrow!


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