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23 Oct 2012

If you still haven’t heard of a cell phone tracker, it might often sound a rather silly question to ask your growing children where they were going because you are likely to get a vague answer or even lie. Sometimes it seems too vain to ask your kids questions like when would they come back, etc. because it only adds to your exasperation because you know it too that the answer wasn’t suppose mean anything.

Whenever I talk about a cell phone tracker and parents, a novel by Daniel Steel always comes into my mind in which the girl lies to her mother for going out with friends, has a nearly fatal accident and lands into hospital being a cripple for the rest of her life. The novel was indeed very moving as the trauma of the whole family is depicted with painful precision. Indeed teenagers can be very daring and they undermine their safety just to have some fun.

Kids are kids but parents are parents, too! We can’t really let the kids be on their own all the time- it’s our right and duty to know where they are and doing what. So in that case, a cell phone tracker can come to parents’ rescue anytime and every time! Just by logging in on your user account, you can easily find the exact location of your kids.

But if you want to go for a little more, StealthGenie might be what you’re looking for: just install StealthGenie on your kids’ smartphones (BlackBerry, Android or iPhone) once and you’re good to trace them anytime.

StealthGenie cell phone tracker uses GPS technology so you get to the precise location of your kids. Not only that, StealthGenie also tells you all the places that your kids went in the given time. So you know beyond a doubt where your kids went after school, are they skipping their classes and hang out with friends instead or worse still, did they lie to you for going to a group study session when they really went somewhere else?

If the mother in the Daniel Steel’s novel had StealthGenie cell phone tracker installed on her daughter’s phone, she might have averted that deadly accident. I suggest that you install it too, it’s for your kids and yours mutual benefit!


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