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07 Dec 2012

A BlackBerry phone is meant for business. And you probably have all your employees got BlackBerry phones. The push mail feature and the BlackBerry Messenger have made it super-easy for professionals to stay in touch with their work and clients. But obviously you need something to monitor them, too. For that, use BlackBerry monitoring app.

Get in the Know:

Explore the true potential of the BlackBerry phones. It’s just not some ordinary phone- it’s capable of things you wouldn’t have imagined. Did you know that BlackBerry Balance features enables your employees could even keep official data apart from their personal data and keep it hidden too? So get in the know and simply install BlackBerry monitoring software on their phone once and reap the fruit from then on.

Best Choice Ever:

There are some BlackBerry monitoring apps that are exceedingly expensive or extremely meager. I’d advise don’t go for any of them. The best way is the mid-way and thus, choose the one that will give you more features art an economic price. Of all the BlackBerry monitoring apps that have suggested to my readers, I got positive feedback for StealthGenie in almost all the cases. The main reason being the exclusive features and after-sale services.

What StealthGenie’s Got for You?

StealthGenie, as far as I have tested the product would let you have a remote access to the ategt phpne. After you have decided on the subscription package and installed the product on the BlackBerry phone secretly, you can monitor target phone without any fear of being caught. Here’s how:

‘See’ What Your Employees are Up To?

You can view all the content on their phones including:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Audio files
  • Calendar entries
  • Memos and notes
  • Web history
  • Bookmarked sites

‘Listen’ To What They Say:

StealthGenie makes BlackBerry monitoring convenient because you can even listen to:

  • Call recordings
  • Phone surroundings

‘Read’ What they Write:

With StealthGenie, you can remotely read all their correspondence including:

  • SMS
  • E-mails
  • BlackBerry Messenger chats

Spying for Good!

A little spying for some good cause is always beneficial; especially when you have doubts that yopuir employees might sneak away from the office for their personal engagements. So you can check their:

  • Current location using GPS
  • History of all the places they visited
  • Alerts and Remote Controlling:
  • The best part is that this BlackBerry monitoring app lets you get alerts on variety of scenarios and also let you control the target phone by:
  • Setting alerts for suspicious words, contacts or e-mails
  • Getting alerts on all SMS, calls and e-mails
  • Remotely deleting, backing up data and locking phone

Hurry Up!

Start, pause or deactivate app remotely so, make sure all your official secrets remain safe and exercise effective BlackBerry monitoring even on the go! StealthGenie lets you monitor all your employees through one dashboard!


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