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20 Dec 2012

Teenagers are pretty fond of social networking websites and with the popularity of smartphones nowadays, they get access to the internet at all times through their smartphone. As you get to take your smartphone wherever you want to, this leaves the parents with very little opportunity to keep an eye on the internet usage of their kids. At this time parental internet controls can help parents keep their child’s internet usage under control.

What Does Phoggi Do?

Phoggi is a spy app for your child’s cell phone that helps parents keep their child’s internet usage under control. This app does not disrupt any feature inside your child’s cell phone and shows you all the data that is present inside their cell phone. StealthGenie runs covertly in the background of your child’s cell phone and does not let anyone find out about it.


All the hTC, Samsung, Google, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and other Android phones work great alongside Phoggi. This includes Android phones running on OS 2.1 or higher. Even iPhone models running on iOS 4.0 or above and BlackBerry models with OS 5.0 or higher, are tried and tested to work brilliantly alongside this spy app.

Web Access:

Parents can view complete records of all the web pages visited by their children through their smartphone. Along with the entire web browsing history of your child, parents even get to see the pages bookmarked by their child.

Phone Data And Messenger Chats:

All the videos, pictures and audio files stored in your kid’s cell phone are provided to you with the help of this spy app. Even all the messenger chat conversations of children made through the G-talk or the BlackBerry messenger are shown to parents.

Call Records And Contact Details:

All the incoming, outgoing and missed call records of children are shown to parents with the help of Phoggi. These records also include the precise time and the total duration of each and every call. Even all the phone numbers present inside your kid’s cell phone are shown to you.

A Strong Hold:

To keep a strong hold on your child’s activities, parental internet controls is a requirement. If you can control the excessive internet usage of your child, you can get them out of plenty of troubles that they might get involved in at a future stage.


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