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01 Jan 2013

How do you view these cell phone spy apps? Do you find them as a big help or just another means of invading someone’s privacy?

This is the hot topic that has people engaged in discussing about these spying applications that secretly pick data from the phone concerning the usage activities and informs the app user about up-to-minute details.

When it comes to parents, monitoring their kids’ through cell phone spy apps offers a safe means to watch them 24/7. Be it their phone calls or text messages or whether it’s about locating the precise location of your kids - having the power to keep your kids safe, secure and under your watchful eyes is the first and foremost responsibility of every parent.

Seeing that the current times demand everyone to be cautious, parents are ensuring that they keep their kids guarded at all times. The growing cases of cyber bullying, online sexting, and cyber stalking has parents careful towards their kids. Since, taking their kids’ cell phones doesn’t really make a smart choice, so they are inclined to get a more protected means for it and cell phone spy apps offer just that.

But, this doesn’t end here. Being able to spy on your employees’ phones is something perhaps every employer should take an account of. It might appear unlawful but the truth is it isn’t. Many companies have a strong monitoring policy and they inform every employee before monitoring. If you have provided cell phones to your employees, you should make sure to install a reliable cell phone spy application in their handsets. Even if the company policy says clearly about no unofficial calls, you should still make sure to keep a check of your own on them without involving anyone else into this stealth action.

Phoggi is among the best and cost-effective cell phone spy apps that allow users to covertly monitor their kids, or employees or anyone they feel the need to monitor. Not only does it give access to calls, SMS, and internet browsing history, it also allows you to track the GPS location remotely and get instant updates on every new activity that takes place.

Phoggi is perhaps one of the best tools for law enforcing agencies as well. Sending their teams on secret missions and keeping a check on their locations – Phoggi allows you carry out your monitoring tasks for as low as $64 for 365 days straight and undisturbed.

So definitely ask the experts and they’d say Phoggi is a pick, nothing pique about it!


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