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16 Jan 2013

An iPhone is one supreme class of smartphones. Recently the imessage has cemented its place as one of the most loved iPhone apps all over the world. This iPhone app provides its users with the ability to send and receive text messages, images and videos to their friends, all through their iPhone. With teenagers spending more than appropriate time sending imessages to their friends, this app is a cause of concern for parents. To control this over-usage of imessages by children, parents need the help of an imessage monitoring app StealthGenie.

What is StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is a really user-friendly app that covers very less space in your child’s iPhone and provides you with all the data that is inside your kid’s cell phone....

01 Jan 2013

How do you view these cell phone spy apps? Do you find them as a big help or just another means of invading someone’s privacy?

This is the hot topic that has people engaged in discussing about these spying applications that secretly pick data from the phone concerning the usage activities and informs the app user about up-to-minute details.

When it comes to parents, monitoring their kids’ through cell phone spy apps offers a safe means to watch them 24/7. Be it their phone calls or text messages or whether it’s about locating the precise location of your kids - having the power to keep your kids safe, secure and under your watchful eyes is the first and foremost responsibility of every parent.

Seeing that the current...

20 Dec 2012

Teenagers are pretty fond of social networking websites and with the popularity of smartphones nowadays, they get access to the internet at all times through their smartphone. As you get to take your smartphone wherever you want to, this leaves the parents with very little opportunity to keep an eye on the internet usage of their kids. At this time parental internet controls can help parents keep their child’s internet usage under control.

What Does Phoggi Do?

Phoggi is a spy app for your child’s cell phone that helps parents keep their child’s internet usage under control. This app does not disrupt any feature inside your child’s cell phone and shows you all the data that is present inside their cell phone. StealthGenie...

07 Dec 2012

A BlackBerry phone is meant for business. And you probably have all your employees got BlackBerry phones. The push mail feature and the BlackBerry Messenger have made it super-easy for professionals to stay in touch with their work and clients. But obviously you need something to monitor them, too. For that, use BlackBerry monitoring app.

Get in the Know:

Explore the true potential of the BlackBerry phones. It’s just not some ordinary phone- it’s capable of things you wouldn’t have imagined. Did you know that BlackBerry Balance features enables your employees could even keep official data apart from their personal data and keep it hidden too? So get in the know and simply install BlackBerry monitoring software on their...

26 Nov 2012

If you have the BlackBerry that runs on OS 7.0 then you have invested sensibly. It is truly an amazing software update from BlackBerry that makes connectivity and sharing so much easier and fun that you can create your own Mobile Hotspot and share so much using BlackBerry Tag. And those who haven’t still updated their BlackBerry devices should seriously consider doing so.

With BlackBerry OS 7, you also get the apps you love like Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry Travel, BlackBerry Music and Facebook. What’s more, you get BBM connected to your Twitter account so you can set your Tweets as your BlackBerry Messenger statuses. And then you have the faster browse, smooth graphics and so much more in the BlackBerry App World...

23 Oct 2012

If you still haven’t heard of a cell phone tracker, it might often sound a rather silly question to ask your growing children where they were going because you are likely to get a vague answer or even lie. Sometimes it seems too vain to ask your kids questions like when would they come back, etc. because it only adds to your exasperation because you know it too that the answer wasn’t suppose mean anything.

Whenever I talk about a cell phone tracker and parents, a novel by Daniel Steel always comes into my mind in which the girl lies to her mother for going out with friends, has a nearly fatal accident and lands into hospital being a cripple for the rest of her life. The novel was indeed very moving as the trauma of the whole...

01 Oct 2012

A person who trusts their employees to any extent is for sure a daring businessman. My uncle owns a jewelry shop and he had pretty loyal employees of his who were working with him for over 20 years. Unfortunately the same employees stole some really expensive jewelry from my uncle’s shop and ran away. Heart broken by this incident, my uncle was in deep depression. One day I came to know about a mobile spy app StealthGenie and recommended my uncle to use it for his business.

What is StealthGenie?

A mobile spy app is a monitoring software for the mobile phone of your employees that updates employers with all the activities of their employees at all times. You can even trace the precise GPS location of your employee whenever you...

06 Sep 2012

With the sparkling and excitingly attractive smartphones out in the market at the moment, teenagers seem to find nothing else important when it comes to a smartphone. Dazzling games and mesmerizing features are more than enough reasons for anyone to go bonkers over these phones, let alone the teenagers. Excessive usage of anything is not recommended. Parents need to make sure that their children don’t use their smartphone to such an extent that it starts affecting their health. This is where parents could use the help of a cell monitoring software StealthGenie.

Why Use Stealthgenie?

A software that provides you will the complete cell phone usage of your child with a single click is definitely praise worthy. StealthGenie runs...

13 Aug 2012

So, I’d ask, “Have you installed android spy on your kid’s phone?”

Instead of thinking about taking their phone away from them, why not choose an easiest way, instead? Installing a cell phone spying application on their phone and get updates delivered to you directly – no more headaches to bear.

StealthGenie Android spy software allows parents to keep a detailed check on your kids. Let your kids do what they think is right and you can continue being a responsible parent.

How to Install StealthGenie?

Installing StealthGenie Android spy is as easy as ABC. Just visit StealthGenie’s official website, select the phone your kids use and the package you want you choose. You will be directed to the information page where you enter...

23 Jul 2012

Smartphones revolutionized the mobile phone industry, transforming simple mobile phones into mini computers. But it was the iPhone which revolutionized the Smartphone industry, ushering in an era of advanced technological development and innovation. The simplicity through which the iPhone could be used set a new benchmark for user friendly products. The concept of applications also opened up a new industry and market in the smartphone sector. But the lack of monitoring features created a huge problem for parents and employers out there, forcing them to use iPhone spy apps like StealthGenie.

How to Use

StealthGenie is very simple iPhone spy app but an effective one. The method of purchase is pretty...