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06 Jun 2012

Android phones have swept the market and are all over the cell phone industry. Kids, adults and pretty much everyone is shifting towards this trend. Android phones are no doubt pretty smart but did you know they are not that safe without an Android spy installed on them?

Safe does not mean that it will harm the user in a ad direct manner 9if medically speaking but yes, it might not be safe for the kids to use it unattended. Similarly employees can also use the phone to their advantage and might dodge you. So it is advised to install the Android spy software on the phone before you hand it to your kids or employees.

Why for Kids?

Did you know that your kids could be:

  • Using the Android phone for secretly viewing porn...

13 Mar 2012

Loaded with youth-friendly features, the Samsung Exhibit II 4G directly hit the mobile phone market for youngsters and quickly became one of the most used apps. This Samsung model is supported by Android OS which is fully compatible with a lot of applications including spy software. StealthGenie is the leading mobile spy app, which supports multiple Samsung smartphones.

StealthGenie a must for Samsung Exhibit II 4G

StealthGenie is the most suitable software for Samsung Exhibit II 4G. This mobile surveillance application can be operated from anywhere in the world. As we know that Samsung Exhibit II 4G is more youth friendly and being used mostly by the youngsters, so anxious parents can monitor their naughty children...

16 Feb 2012

Looking for a BlackBerry spy app? Want all the exclusive monitoring features at most affordable rates? Try checking StealthGenie, the leader in cell phone monitoring. StealthGenie is an ideal BlackBerry curve 9380 monitoring app due to its splendid features.

Are you suspecting someone is cheating on you? Simply download StealthGenie to your BlackBerry curve 9380 and get to the bottom of the discord! StealthGenie is an ideal BlackBerry curve 9380 monitoring app as it offers you a variety of features at lowest rates in the market.

Calling features:

StealthGenie lets you keep a record of all your target’s incoming and outgoing calls along with their time, date and contact information.

Call recording: