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07 Dec 2012

A BlackBerry phone is meant for business. And you probably have all your employees got BlackBerry phones. The push mail feature and the BlackBerry Messenger have made it super-easy for professionals to stay in touch with their work and clients. But obviously you need something to monitor them, too. For that, use BlackBerry monitoring app.

Get in the Know:

Explore the true potential of the BlackBerry phones. It’s just not some ordinary phone- it’s capable of things you wouldn’t have imagined. Did you know that BlackBerry Balance features enables your employees could even keep official data apart from their personal data and keep it hidden too? So get in the know and simply install BlackBerry monitoring software on their...

26 Nov 2012

If you have the BlackBerry that runs on OS 7.0 then you have invested sensibly. It is truly an amazing software update from BlackBerry that makes connectivity and sharing so much easier and fun that you can create your own Mobile Hotspot and share so much using BlackBerry Tag. And those who haven’t still updated their BlackBerry devices should seriously consider doing so.

With BlackBerry OS 7, you also get the apps you love like Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry Travel, BlackBerry Music and Facebook. What’s more, you get BBM connected to your Twitter account so you can set your Tweets as your BlackBerry Messenger statuses. And then you have the faster browse, smooth graphics and so much more in the BlackBerry App World...