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01 Jan 2013

How do you view these cell phone spy apps? Do you find them as a big help or just another means of invading someone’s privacy?

This is the hot topic that has people engaged in discussing about these spying applications that secretly pick data from the phone concerning the usage activities and informs the app user about up-to-minute details.

When it comes to parents, monitoring their kids’ through cell phone spy apps offers a safe means to watch them 24/7. Be it their phone calls or text messages or whether it’s about locating the precise location of your kids - having the power to keep your kids safe, secure and under your watchful eyes is the first and foremost responsibility of every parent.

Seeing that the current...

01 Oct 2012

A person who trusts their employees to any extent is for sure a daring businessman. My uncle owns a jewelry shop and he had pretty loyal employees of his who were working with him for over 20 years. Unfortunately the same employees stole some really expensive jewelry from my uncle’s shop and ran away. Heart broken by this incident, my uncle was in deep depression. One day I came to know about a mobile spy app StealthGenie and recommended my uncle to use it for his business.

What is StealthGenie?

A mobile spy app is a monitoring software for the mobile phone of your employees that updates employers with all the activities of their employees at all times. You can even trace the precise GPS location of your employee whenever you...

23 Jul 2012

Smartphones revolutionized the mobile phone industry, transforming simple mobile phones into mini computers. But it was the iPhone which revolutionized the Smartphone industry, ushering in an era of advanced technological development and innovation. The simplicity through which the iPhone could be used set a new benchmark for user friendly products. The concept of applications also opened up a new industry and market in the smartphone sector. But the lack of monitoring features created a huge problem for parents and employers out there, forcing them to use iPhone spy apps like StealthGenie.

How to Use

StealthGenie is very simple iPhone spy app but an effective one. The method of purchase is pretty...

13 Mar 2012

Loaded with youth-friendly features, the Samsung Exhibit II 4G directly hit the mobile phone market for youngsters and quickly became one of the most used apps. This Samsung model is supported by Android OS which is fully compatible with a lot of applications including spy software. StealthGenie is the leading mobile spy app, which supports multiple Samsung smartphones.

StealthGenie a must for Samsung Exhibit II 4G

StealthGenie is the most suitable software for Samsung Exhibit II 4G. This mobile surveillance application can be operated from anywhere in the world. As we know that Samsung Exhibit II 4G is more youth friendly and being used mostly by the youngsters, so anxious parents can monitor their naughty children...